Weeknotes 12/2021

October 12, 2021


It's my last month at SoundCloud. I'm making sure to pair on as many of my tasks as possible to make the handover as easy as possible. My days are split between the pairing sesssions and ad-hoc meetings in which peeps ask about some specifics on projects that I worked on a lot. I have the feeling those projects are in good hands now.

My anticipation for starting at Elastic is rising at the same time. They have just been announced the "Best Technology Company for Women" for the second year in a row which makes me super proud, even before I am starting there 😅


Berlin is transitioning into fall and it's as beautiful as it gets right now. The days are sunny, the trees are colorful and the parks are full with people basking in the sun.

It does get darker a lot earlier now and we're using the evenings to finally work on the home improvements tasks that we postponed due to wedding & honeymoon. We know the closest IKEA by heart now 😄

After what feels like an eternity we now feel comfortable to drill into our ceilings. With some help from friends that are a lot more handy than us, of course. Which means we were able to install curtains everywhere and proper lights in some of the rooms. ✌️

This week I will go on a 3-day hike in the Harz mountains. It's my first longer hike in a long while. We used to go on 7(+) day hikes at least once a year but covid made travelling and accommodations more complicated so we skipped it this and leat year. I hope I am still fit enough to tackle the mountains we're planning to hike 🏕. (My next weeknotes will be delayed by a couple of days or a week due to that trip)


📚 I'm finishing book #4 in the Bobiverse series. In short, the series is about Bob, a Von Neumann probe exploring the universe. It's written in a very humorous way, has plenty of hard science in it and some of the books are real page-turners. Book 4 is my least favorite of the series so far but it's still entertaining enough for me to want to finish it 🤓

🍿 Over the course of the last week we binged Sex Educaction season 3 and it was glorious 😍. Great continuation from the previous season, plenty of character development and an ending that makes me want to watch season 4 RIGHT NOW. Sadly it will be at least another year before the new season.

Song of the week

Another fall-inspired electro track this week 🍂😊. Of Sea by Nuage, remixed by Lycoriscoris: