A list of some of the talks I did in the past on various conferences & events:


JavaScript what are you

A very special talk on the state of JavaScript in 2015 together with Kahlil Lechelt and Boris Lechelt.

The code and music for this performance can be found on GitHub:

Building collaborative & realtime applications with diffsync

I implemented the Differential Synchonization algorithm in JavaScript which allows to build highly collaborative realtime applications easily. I gave this talk at BerlinJS in Berlin and at Frontend Union Conf in Moscow. The code is open source and can be found on Github.


Using the web for music production and live performances

In this talk from JSConf 2014 I present the real-time web audio editor which I worked on in my Master’s Thesis together with my flatmate and my brother which are connected via WebRTC (skip to 6:40 to see this demo). In addition to that demo I also show how the Web Audio API can be used for live music performances at 19:15.

Building a collaborative audio editor based on the Web Audio API

This talk is about the implementation of a fully collaborative web-based audio editor. It was held at ScotlandJS in Edinburgh on 9th of May 2014. The topic is described in more detail in my Master’s Thesis which can be read found under:


Making music with JavaScript and Gamepads

A talk that explains the basic concepts of both the Web Audio API and the Gamepad API and shows how they can be combined in order to create music. I held this talk at RejectJS 2013 and at the Google DevFest 2013. Check out a recording of the talk on YouTube:


Genetic Algorithms in JavaScript

I talked about my experiences with Genetic Algorithms and CoffeeScript / JavaScript at BerlinJS. It also has a demo and is hosted on Github.


Together with @agento I talked about CoffeeScript at Barcamp Ruhr 5. Unfortunately no slides for this one since it was a freestyle presentation. We mainly showed and explained the examples shown on the CoffeeScript website.

Client-Side Development with Brunch

I talked about brunch, a tool that helps assembling client-side web apps, at BerlinJS.


Single Page Apps

Together with @toshiyori I gave an introduction to Single Page Apps at Barcamp Ruhr 4. It was a pretty hot topic at that time but the slides may be outdated now ;)



At a local uni meetup in Düsseldorf I talked about Barcamps and especially why students should attend them :)