Prototyping at SoundCloud

Who are we?

Jan Monschke

Frontend Engineer @ SoundCloud

@thedeftone | @janmonschke

Svana Ingolfsdottir

Product Engineer @ SoundCloud


Prototyping? πŸ€”



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Prototyping @ SoundCloud

High Fidelity Prototyping

A prototype that does not feel like a prototype.

High Fidelity Prototyping

  • A fully functioning app / site
  • Real production data
  • ”Same” design like the real thing
  • Users are presented with their real account data
  • ”Simpler” implementation (e.g. performance)

Why HiFi?

  • Immersion
  • Make use of familiarity
  • Less guidance / more freedom
  • Results more trustworthy / real
  • Fulfill expectations

HiFi Disadvantages

  • More expensive (⏲ + πŸ’°)
  • Works better for existing products
  • A bit slower than using a dedicated tool

React Native?

  • Prototyping app written in Swift
  • Wanted to prototype a new stream
  • Prototyper busy with other prototypes
  • React Native was brand new (April '15)
  • Curiosity and capacity from web devs

2 weeks development time πŸŽ‰

Users loved it 😍

Our new setup

  • Swift -> React Native
  • Complete clone of the iOS app
  • Faster turnaround


How do we test this?

  • Users in the office
  • Diary studies
  • Internal testing

Benefits of React Native

  • Learning curve is smaller than Java/Swift/Obj C
  • Designers can more easily contribute
  • Bridge between design and development
  • Knowledge distribution

Cross platform

  • Two platforms but less developers
  • More people can be involved in the process

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